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Since 1987, Research Advisory Services has been providing expert decision-support services to state and local governments, private companies, and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S.

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Research Advisory offers many services to best serve your individual needs. Whether you're in need of political consulting services or in need of expert opinion and testimony, we're here to help.

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Research Advisory Services (RAS) is a public policy and healthcare research consulting firm offering a broad range of services to support strategic decisions by local government, private businesses and non-profit organizations. At Research Advisory, we make it our mission to improve the quality of public decision-making.

RAS specializes in the analysis of data about geographic areas – census blocks and tracts, Zip Codes®, voting precincts, land parcels, and traffic analysis zones, with over 25 years of industry experience.

Well-researched facts and substantiated conclusions are keys to gaining the credibility needed to achieve results. RAS is respected statewide for expertise in helping decision-makers get the answers they need using reliable and defendable data. RAS works closely with clients to help them represent their interests to state and local policy-makers with research findings that are compelling and factually sound.

RAS has developed sophisticated techniques for simplifying large databases by:

  • Examining and displaying statistical relationships between variables,
  • Using proprietary methods for identifying and extracting relevant data, and
  • Creating maps to display the geographic distribution of demographic or program data.

RAS has amassed a large holding of Arizona-focused data files, computer models, GIS layers and analysis methods. We hit the ground running, with minimal time lost in assembling resources.

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