The U.S. Department of Justice is Preparing to Review Your Redistricting Plans. What Are You Doing?

ASU Mercado Downtown Phoenix Campus

Get the answers to myriad questions about redistricting from two nationally recognized experts. This seminar is designed for elected officials, attorneys, and staffs of all Arizona governments that elect their board or council members from districts or wards within their jurisdictions.

After the 2010 Census population figures are delivered in April next year, cities, counties, community college districts, joint technical education districts, and other government entities will have to redraw their election districts to equalize populations to meet the one-person, one-vote requirement of the U.S. Constitution.

Arizona has an added complication. All Arizona redistricting plans must be “precleared” by the Civil Rights Division of the U. S. Department of Justice for compliance with the federal Voting Rights Act before they can be used in an election. During the 1990 and 2000 redistricting cycles, the federal government rejected Arizona’s statewide legislative redistricting plans. Hear what you can do to increase your odds of receiving federal approval for your plans from an invigorated Obama Justice Department.

Tony SissonsTony Sissons, President of Research Advisory Services in Phoenix, will cover the operational nuts-and-bolts of redistricting processes, including advice on creating a clear and defensible public record. He has been the principal consultant in the management of seventeen successful redistricting processes, including those of numerous supervisorial plans and the current Phoenix city council districts. He has also testified as an expert witness on redistricting in state and federal courts.

Bruce AdelsonBruce L. Adelson, Esq., CEO of Federal Compliance Consulting LLC, was a Senior Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice where he had federal voting law enforcement responsibility for Arizona. He was team leader of the Justice Department’s review and eventual rejection of Arizona’s statewide legislative redistricting plan in 2002. Bruce now provides strategic advice and counsel concerning compliance with many federal laws, including federal voting laws. Bruce will discuss the law of preclearance concerning redistricting and will take you behind the scenes at Justice for a glimpse into how the federal review process works.

Both experts will respond to questions after their presentations. Come prepared to take notes!

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